6 Characteristics to Recruit for in Volunteer Firefighters

In firefighting, hard skills like rolling a dash or replacing a hose bed are critical for a successful fireground or rescue operation. However, the soft skills, how we approach others, also play a part in these successes, Here’s a look at the six top characteristics, soft and hard, to look for when recruiting volunteer firefighters.

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Life-Saving Equipment for First Responders and Firefighters

Respiratory protection, thermal imaging, and gas detection for first responders and firefighters worldwide.

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Safety Solutions for Industrial Markets

Innovative safety devices for industrial workers around the world.

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Military & Civil Defense Solutions

Facepieces, filters, powered breathing, SCBA, and escape systems especially for military markets.

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Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA

Introducing the Air-Pak X3 Pro, the latest SCBA offering from 3M Scott that is built on a foundation of proven, trusted performance, with an emphasis on cleanability, comfort, and connectivity, all while providing future compatibility with the NFPA 2018 standards.

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Scott Sight

Hands-free thermal vision for unmatched situational awareness. When you wear Scott Sight in-mask thermal imager, you get more than constant thermal vision. You get your hands back.

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Schedule Changes for NFPA 1981/1982, 2018 Edition Standards

Learn more about the current schedule for the NFPA 1981/1982, 2018 Edition standards and when you can expect to see approved SCBA.

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