There are many things to consider when selecting a SCBA communication system. To help simplify the process, Scott Safety offers these quick tips that highlight important attributes to consider before you purchase.

1) Versatility

Emergency first responders rely on real-time voice communications for both tactical and non-tactical operations. Their SCBA communication system should operate seamlessly with their two-way field radio equipment to provide quick and easy transitioning between non-tactical and tactical operations to enhance communications and situational awareness across all use case scenarios.

2) Comms When You Need It, Where You Need It

The ability to communicate clearly and concisely throughout the entire incident is essential. Consider communication solutions that provide near field voice projection and enhancement for group and incident command communications.

>See how the EPIC 3 Radio Interface Communication System (operating with Scott X3 Air-Pak)  performs with chainsaw background noise.

3) Field Radio Compatibility

There are hundreds of new and legacy field radios on the market. Look for a communications system that can operate with current field radios as well as future upgraded radios.

4) SCBA Compatibility

Purchasing new SCBA equipment represents a sizeable long-term investment. Consider a communication system that can be used with your existing SCBA equipment to enhance worker safety and support facepiece top-down-convertibility for use with SCBA, supplied air, APR, and PAPR breathing apparatus.

5) Upgradeability

Communication technology changes rapidly leading to the potential of forced obsolescence. Consider a communication system that supports hardware and software upgrades to the latest technology to help future proof your communications and SCBA equipment investment.

>Learn more about the EPIC 3 RI from Scott Safety.

6) Easy Programming

Configuring your communication system should not be difficult. It’s important to have an app supported by Microsoft Windows and iPhone IOS that is user friendly and flexible when configuring the system.