Rarely does a product come along that transforms the way firefighters do their jobs. That’s what happened in 2016 when Scott Safety introduced Scott Sight, a hands-free thermal intelligence system that enables firefighters to have always-on vision. As soon as firefighters and instructors were able to get the product, they put it to the test. The results in many cases were astounding.

Dax Huba, fire chief in Rocky View, Alberta, discovered the benefits of Scott Sight during a training session in 2016.

The task was simple: Four fires were placed in a burn area on two floors and two separate teams were asked to clean and sweep the building as safe and as fast as they could. One team was equipped with SCBA and flashlights while the other team had SCBA, flashlights and a Scott Sight. Team one cleared three fires before low air alarms sounded and they were forced to exit. Team two with Scott Sight cleared both floors almost eight minutes faster.

“Eight minutes is a lifetime,” Dax said. “It’s the difference between life and death in a fire situation.”

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