First Responder Center and Scott Safety Partner to Promote Cancer Awareness

3M | Scott Safety and The First Responder Center launched a new Cancer Awareness Campaign as part of Scott’s unveiling of its new Air‐Pak™ X3 Pro at Firehouse Expo. Each SCBA will contain an insert aimed at providing tips on reducing carcinogen exposure. The Firefighter Cancer Support Network provided valuable information for the insert. There is also a link to the recently launched Firefighter Cancer Tool Kit.

The Air‐Pak X3 Pro combines high‐performance material selection with an easy‐to‐remove harness for cleaning, decontamination and serviceability. With minimal water absorption, the new harness assembly can be machine laundered to minimize contamination and reduce long‐term carcinogen exposure. Because the gear can be laundered at the station, firefighters have fast and easy access to their equipment when they respond to the next call.​

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