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3M™ Safety & Inspection Manager Software for Emergency Services (SIM-ES) empowers command staff to take a proactive approach to managing records and documentation of training, qualification, service, maintenance, and inspections, as well as cleaning and decontamination of PPE and other equipment. SIM-ES also enables fire departments to track exposure reduction programs and activities. Alerts and notifications of impending and overdue activities help keep your agency on track and support adherence to regulatory requirements. Part of 3M™ Connected Safety, SIM is a platform that connects people, information and systems to help you improve productivity, increase situational awareness, and run an efficient health and safety program.

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  • Inspect - flexibility to help you inspect anything in the firehouse such as SCBA, apparatus, turnout gear, and other equipment to ensure it is in proper working order and ready to go and help conform with NFPA 1851, NFPA 1852 and OSHA 1910.134.
  • Simple & Scalable - web based software is prepopulated with your new 3M Scott equipment while mobile applications provide the ability to conduct workflow anywhere regardless of internet access.
  • Assess & Plan - provides decision makers timely intelligence regarding the history, status and availability of resources and equipment with which they can plan budgetary needs.
  • Availability - be confident in the knowledge that the equipment and resources you need are ready and waiting for deployment when called upon.
  • Training - know the people entrusted with the task of employing the various types of safety and personal protective equipment are properly trained and fitted to execute their duties.
  • Record keeping and traceability - on demand validation of inspections and training with insight into who, what, when, where and why the activities were completed supporting adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Enhanced Accountability - cloud based requiring minimal IT involvement. Administer equipment or run reports anywhere with an internet connection. Near real-time audit trail aids in NFPA & OSHA compliance.
  • Improved Safety - increased confidence that personnel are safe and secure using PPE that is appropriately maintained, cleaned, decontaminated, cared for and at the ready.
  • Repair/Service - automated and individually initiated notifications alert service providers to needed and scheduled maintenance, testing or repairs; reducing the risk of failure and downtime of safety and personal protective equipment.
  • Conforms with the most common global security requirements - the platform uses state-of-the-art access control and credentialing, user logging and encryption, and is hosted on secure cloud services.

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