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​The 3M Scott BM 25 packs the benefits of a fixed system area monitor into a rugged, user-friendly and transportable instrument. It was designed to detect one to five gases for mobile or temporary work applications, team protection, area surveillance or places where fixed detection systems are not suitable.

Available as an option, the radio communication allows several 3M Scott BM 25 devices to communicate on the same network or to send information wirelessly to a controller.

The network topology used by the 3M Scott BM 25 is a MESH network. In a mesh network all hosts are connected peer-to-peer without central hierarchy, thereby forming a net-like structure. Consequently, each node can receive, send and relay data. This prevents having sensitive points, which in case of failure, cut the connection of the network. If a node is down, its goes through another route.

Wireless communication is made via a 2.4 GHz radio and emitted power is less than 100 mW. Maximum distance between two communicating devices is 0.6 mile line of sight.

Mesh topology allows fast and simple deployment, high coverage versatility and high fault tolerance. It significantly reduces installation and operating costs of networks. These solutions reproduce the architecture of the Internet while optimizing for wireless.

The monitor is equipped with a 360° flashing signal and a 103 dB at 3 feet audible alarm. STEL and TWA values are available as well as a datalogging capacity of more than four months (for 5 gases configuration).

The 3M Scott BM 25 batteries offer up to 170 hours of continuous runtime depending on configuration and take only 4 ½ hours to recharge.

A safe trickle charger is also available for long-term area monitoring in classified zones.​

  • A scalable network
  • Alarm Transfer
  • Safety Function Remains
  • Network Self-Healing

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