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Air-Pak X3 Pro

A proven SCBA platform providing unparalleled performance to protect the family of firefighters who expect the best in the most demanding situations.

  • Advanced material selection for improved water resistance with an easy-to-remove harness for cleaning, decontamination, and serviceability
  • Improved comfort, including ergonomics, range of motion, and  breathability, to reduce user fatigue and increase operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced electronics with Bluetooth® technology to enable connectivity between devices for improved configurability, data retrieval, firefighter safety and fireground accountability
  • Proudly "Made in the USA" with the highest level of quality and workmanship

"When I learned that the X3 Pro had a removable / washable harness, I realized that we could significantly reduce our firefighters’ cancer risk over the long term. This is a serious benefit, especially to our younger firefighters, who have decades yet to serve."

-Captain James Lynch, Billings Fire Department