Scott Safety continues to receive top industry and innovation honors with recognition by Frost & Sullivan for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. The April 2016 launch of Scott Sight, the first in-mask, hands-free thermal imaging camera, has earned Scott Safety Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

“Scott Sight’s situational awareness capabilities go well beyond other competing products,” said Frost & Sullivan Analyst Sanjana Prabhakar. “The company has successfully set the stage for future innovation in a market that has been historically underserved.”

Scott Sight provides visibility in smoke-filled environments, reducing the chance that hazards such as hot spots are missed, decreasing the time it takes to locate and rescue victims, and assisting firefighters in finding an escape route, all while leaving their hands free for other critical tasks. Firefighters are armed with situational intelligence to perceive the threat, understand the danger, and calculate their reaction.

Scott Safety’s Firefighter of the Future initiative, an internal “lean startup” team launched in 2014, was tasked with developing innovative, lifesaving solutions for firefighters. Working out of a technology “garage” hub, the team developed Scott Sight to provide always-on, always-available, and hands-free visibility to every firefighter.

Frost & Sullivan also recognized Scott Safety’s efforts to make this lifesaving technology affordable. “We knew developing the technology wasn’t enough and that it also had to be affordable for an industry that is consistently facing budget constraints,” said Kim Henry, Scott Safety’s director of growth initiatives and lifesaving products.

Scott Sight was also recently awarded the 2016 Best of What’s New award from Popular Science.