This course is designed to provide the equipment owner training on how to properly operate and maintain their Scott Breathing Air Systems (SBAS). General cleaning, record keeping and weekly operational checks of the SBAS are the responsibility of the operator. Preventative maintenance task such as Oil, Oil Filter and Intake Element changes may be performed by a 3M Scott Service Technician or a trained SBAS operator.

Program Benefits

  • Operate equipment properly.
  • Improve cylinder fill rates and life of product.
  • Perform basic maintenance per owner’s manual to keep equipment in operational condition.
  • Decrease system downtime and actively help prevent unbudgeted maintenance expenses.
  • Improve record keeping that can help you troubleshoot an emerging problem and that is required by regulatory agencies.
  • Improve operator responsiveness of when equipment requires corrective action.

Course Objectives
At the end of this training, students will be able to properly demonstrate the following skills by using the 3M Scott Operating and Maintenance manuals:

  1. Perform pre-operational checks on compressor or trailer.
  2. Navigate X4 controller functions and display screens (if option available).
  3. Operate Compressor and charge cylinders and/or storage cylinders.
  4. Perform routine maintenance checks and maintain systems records.
  5. Identify the unit’s model, model number, and compressor serial number.
  6. Read serial number to determine if compressor is within warranty period.
  7. Order supplies to perform the routine maintenance schedule tasks.
  8. Recall regulatory guidelines and their importance.
  9. Observe or perform air samples checks.

Equipment Requirements 
End users must have operational breathing air systems to obtain operator training. This program is designed for organizations with the following 3M Scott Breathing Air Compressor Systems:

The SimpleAir Compressor System
5.0 HP              5000 psi            Three Stage
7.5 HP              5000 psi            Three Stage
7.5 HP              6000 psi            Four Stage
10  HP              6000 psi            Four Stage

The HUSHAir Compressor System
20 HP              6000 psi            Four Stage
15 HP               6000 psi            Four Stage

The LIBERTY HushAir Compressor System
20 HP               6000 psi            Four Stage

Along with a compressor, end users must have a fully operational control panel and filling station.

Facility Information:
3M Scott Fire & Safety is a tobacco and vaping free campus.
Short pants, open toed shoes and sleeveless shirts are not permitted in the facility.
If you wear prescription safety glasses please bring them with you to class.

If you have questions about this class, please contact Scott Technical Support at or call (800) 247-7257.

Class Length:
6.5 hours
Course Duration Time:
1/2 day
Class Type:
Recommended Audience:
Operators requiring training before use of installed stationary or mobile breathing air systems. Operators must be trained by an Authorized SCOTT Safety Technician in the proper operation of the stationary or mobile breathing air system. All scheduled maintenance beyond the scope of this program must be noted by the operator to be performed by a SCOTT certified service technician.
Certification Earned Upon Completion: